Fat Bastard Barbell
Fat Bastard Barbell (FBBC) offers the most heavy duty grip equipment available. Products are simple, inexpensive, and effective. Bending kits offer the greatest variety of stock and best price available online. Climb the FBBC ranking lists for short steel bending, vertical bar, and bomb lifts. Store owner John Beatty is a pro strongman, grip contest promoter, and publisher of Strong! magazine. Baraban hand grippers can be purchased through FBBC at the lowest prices available in the US.

Heaven Bent
Big Steve McGranahan offers the two most comprehensive instructional hand strength DVDs available. Big Steve's DVDs cover everything from card tearing to long bar bending and should be the first purchase for anyone interested in learning more about grip training. He has an engaging style of instruction that holds the attention of anyone who watches. Big Steve is also a professional strongman that has been featured on the Tonight Show, appears regularly on CMTV's Country Fried Home Videos, and is available for hire as a motivational speaker.

Grip Empire
Grip Empire offers a diverse range of hand strength equipment, some of which is extremely hard to find online. Hex block weights, unique hand grippers, and custom made grip machines are all available at excellent prices. The owner regularly gives back to the strength community, sponsoring prizes for many grip contests.

Publisher of both the Grip Master's Manual and Mastery of Hand Strength, Ironmind is one of the premier vendors of grip training tools. Most notable are the Captains of Crush heavy duty hand grippers and the bag of nails. Close Ironmind's #3 or #4 gripper, or bend their Red Nail, and you will be in the company of a select group of very strong men.

APT Pro Wrist Straps
APT sponsors grip contests and sells a wide range of grip supports, including wrist straps. The company is dedicated to keeping the barbell in your hands.

Atomic Athletic

Baraban Grips

Beef Builder

Dennis Rogers
Dennis Rogers is one of the most famous strength performers in the world. Here he sells a collection of DVDs relating to phone book tearing, nail driving, and odd object bending. Also available on DVD is a biography of Slim the Hammerman, as well as a series of performances by Dennis Rogers and the Human Vise Pat Povilaitis.

Functional Hand Strength
Functional Hand Strength generates excitement in the grip world. Owner John Wood is an accomplished grip enthusiast with a reputation for great customer service and strong opinions. Prices for the available products are competitive, however inexpensive alternatives can often be found with other vendors. Many of the books for sale are in the public domain and freely available online.

Neodymium super magnets can be purchased at Gaussboys for attaching additional weight to fixed weight implements, such as block weights or plates. Their #18 block magnet is tested for a 70lb load and can fix a 25lb plate to a block weight without any problems.

Hand Health Unlimited
Hand Health Unlimited offers a wide range of products promoting finger health and dexterity. They are the destination for chinese therapy balls, finger fitness tools, and video instruction on developing healthy hands. The same exercises that can be used to make the hands healthy work wonders in helping them recover from intense grip work.

Heavy Grips
Heavy Grips offers low cost hand grippers with shorter handles and smoother knurling than most heavy duty hand grippers. The full set of 6 grippers can be had for around $13 a gripper. Resistance will vary more than on expensive grippers, but the Heavy Grips are good training tools. Heavy Grips has sponsored a number of grip strength contests. They also provide two free training articles by "gripmonster" Clay Edgin.

John Brookfield



Stronger Grip

Ultimate Arm Wrestling
Ultimate Arm Wrestling offers the Hercules Bar, an inexpensive leverage wrist curl device.

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